What size do I need?

Definitely the most important question to ask! Please use our sizing tool to gauge your honeycomb size – there are many sizing variations, even by the same manufacturer. You’ll find instructions here: What size pin do I need?

Is there another way, that looks complicated?

Trying to size something that will be hexagonal, using something flat, into something that isn’t round is certainly challenging! If you’re still unsure, try using a hex key (allen wrench) or a drill bit to size your honeycomb cell. Then reach out to us and we’ll try to help suggest a size for you.

Can I see these in action?

Yes! We are proud to have been featured by the Louisiana Hobby Guy!

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What are the pins made from?

We use high quality 3D printer filament that is made from PETG – polyethylene terephthalate glycol.

Are they laser safe?

PETG is a food-safe plastic that’s commonly used for food containers and bottles for liquid beverages. You can safely laser through them but you’ll likely need to order more if you do!

Can I recycle them?

Yes, PETG is fully recyclable.

Will they snap if I try to use something that’s thicker than they’re designed for?

PETG provides for some flexibility and as long as you’re not going to an extreme, the pins can be opened up a little more than the size indicated. You won’t want to go too far though!

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

AF Pins is wholly owned by Ratsey Photography & Design. Your credit card statement will show a charge to Ratsey Photography. You can see our photography work and follow us on Instagram at ttps://www.instagram.com/ratseyphotography/